Dominant Race: Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Capital City: Armstrong City
Population: 6.7 Million
Primary: Earth
Star: Sol
Star System: Sol system

Luna is the primary satellite which orbits the planet Earth.


The first Lunar colony was established in 2018. Known as Tranquility, the colony was established to serve as a mining base for minerals and gases upon the moon. In 2025, the colony witnessed the launching of the Ares 7 mission.

During World War III, several families had begun moving to the moon to escape the conflict breaking out on the planet. This led to massive overcrowding for Tranquility and the establishment of Armstrong City. Some time following the war, a third city, known as Grissom City was established on the moon. Over the years, several agricultural domes were established on Luna in order to provide food for the Sol system in the form of Lunar wheat.

By the 27th century, Luna had become home to 6.7 Million people spread between three cities. Luna has also been known for being a port between Earth and the rest of the Sol system.

Notable LocationsEdit